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Welcome to the newly opened Filmtown hotel – Hotel Cinevilla. It is the only hotel in the Baltic States offering accommodation services inside the real Filmtown.   For your comfort and leisure we have equipped modern and cozy rooms that are made up of popular Latvian and foreign movie themes.

On the first floor are rooms devoted to the movies “Captain Enrico’s Pocket Watch”, “Theatre”,
“17 Moments of Spring” and “Steal Dragons’ .  Second floor rooms are devoted to actress
Elizabeth Taylor, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, liar Baron Munchausen, as well as two theme rooms styled for the  Latvian films “Lake Sonata” and “Dream Team 1935”.

Hotel rooms include accommodation from 2 to 6 people.  Hotel Cinevilla is especially friendly to families with children.  Families have everything they need both for fun activities for the kids and a comfortable sleep.  All Hotel Cinevilla guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by the Cinevilla pub.

Give a vacation for you and your loved ones!  Relax in a tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Spend time with your family, friends, or just alone – enjoying the solitude.


HOTEL ROOM AMMENITIES PRICE (includes breakfast)
1. Steel Dragon Double Bed plus additional cot available EUR 45
2. Theatre Two Single Beds EUR 45
3. Captain Enrico’s Pocket Watch Two Single Beds, Bunkbed (for three) EUR 70
4. Casablanca Two Single Beds EUR 45
5. 17 Moments of Spring Two Single Beds EUR 45
6. Dream Team 1935 Two Single Beds additional room with accomodation for 15 people EUR 45
7. Lake Sonata Three rooms in total; each includes two single beds plus EUR 85 for all three rooms
three additional cots available; group bathroom with shower or EUR 45 per room
8A. Elizabeth Taylor Two Single Beds EUR 70
8B. Elizabeth Taylor Double Bed plus kids bed EUR 70
9. Sherlock Holmes Two Single Beds EUR 45
10. Baron Munchausen Two Single Beds EUR 45
Additional cot (when available) EUR 20

Reservations Telephone:  +371 28606677



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