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If you want your wedding to forever remain the memory of you and your guests, hold it at Filmtown!

  • Filmtown has everything that may be necessary to host a wedding celebration:


    • Church
    • Special artistic environment
    • Custom wedding program developed according to individual requirements
    • Function rooms (Rudolph Territory Complex, church)
    • Hotel
    • Catering


The wedding program can also include optional ACTIVITIES

Filmtown offers an unforgettable experience and special offer for weddings – filming movies . Filmtown can shoot a wedding celebration, providing professional filming technique and camera man services. Following a specially designed scenario developed for the Filmtown environment, a film is shot where the main characters are a young couple with the rest of the characters played by wedding guests – friends and relatives.  The result is a loving memory not only for the new couple, but also to all the participating films ‘ actors ‘.

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