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Filmtown CINEVILLA  is a unique tourist attraction in Latvia  with an extensive organization of events, filming and entertainment options.

Filmtown Cinevilla Studio is the only open air cinema in the Baltic States and the largest in Northern Europe.

Briefly about Filmtown:

  • 150 hectares in total, large-scale scenery covers about 15 hectares, which consists of 3 main parts:
    City – Riga; Suburb / Town – Pārdaugava; Rudolph Territory Complex;

    Filmtown is the 4th Latvian city which has its own tram line

  • Located close to the capital Riga, as well as other historical Latvian cities – Tukums, Talsi, Kuldiga, Liepaja
  • Specializing in the early 20th century scenery (World War I and World War II)
  • Two filming pavilions
  • Vintage steam locomotive and passenger railcars
  • 60 m long railway platform
  •  River Daugava and three historic bridges
  •  Church
  •  Hotel “Hotel Cinevilla”
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